‘New Year New You’ costs British adults eight billion pounds a year

In Press Releases by Abbie Dickinson

It’s a New Year and a “New You” – but January make-overs are set to cost Brits a staggering £8,658,000,000 this New Year.

With “investments” such as new sports gear and gym memberships, health foods and kitchen gadgets, the average British adult will shell out £166.50 on self-improvement this January.

The study by cashback site Quidco found that eight in ten Brits will be seeking to improve themselves in January, whether that’s to become healthier, more organised or just a ‘better person’.

And surprisingly, the nation’s men will shell out MORE than women – £180.60 compared to £156.50

Other investments to emerge from the poll include personal trainers, new bikes, slimming classes – and even new teeth.

The study revealed that one in 20 plan to purchase self-help books in order to overcome any vices or bad habits in the New Year.

A third of those polled intend to shift some weight, 29 percent want to get fitter – and 13 percent are determined to cut out sugar from their diet.

More than one in ten will join a gym or sign-up to a yoga or fitness class – with two thirds of all Brits claiming 2017 is the year they are determined to give their lives an overhaul.

Quidco money expert Abbie Dickinson commented: “We all start the year with good intentions and have plans to get in shape or give up bad habits.

“Financial commitment can help us stick to a resolution but we need to be clever with our cash too – so make sure a new you is a savvier you too.”

The poll found 22 percent of those surveyed have shelled out money in the past on New Year fads only to give them up a few weeks later.

Liverpool emerged as the city to spend the most on a “New You” (£460) followed by London (£399) and then Glasgow (£393).

Two thirds (81 percent) of those polled said if they are depriving themselves of their vices they like to splash the cash on other luxuries in order to give themselves a pat on the back – with clothes (27 percent), holidays (16 percent) and gadgets (11 percent) all top choices to reward good behaviour.

In a bid to stick to the New Year health kick – a quarter of us will throw out old, unflattering clothes, one in five chuck out any remaining Christmas chocolates or biscuits and one in 20 pour away left over Christmas booze.

Quidco’s Abbie added: “Getting rid of January can be made harder by excessive festive spending, but when you can get a return on that spending, the January blow can be softened significantly.”

But sadly, three in ten (30 percent) complained they will get no support from their partner in their bid to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2017.

1. Health foods
2. New hair cut
3. Gym membership
4. New gym wear
5. Trainers / footwear for a new sport
6. New wardrobe to inspire you to get in shape
7. Gym equipment (exercise bike / rowing machine)
8. Self-help books
9. Slimming classes
10. New teeth
11. Beauty treatments to banish problem skin / wrinkles
12. A new bike
13. A Nutribullet / blender
14. A dog to encourage you to walk
15. National Trust Membership to get you in out and about
16. Therapy sessions / life coaching classes
17. Sports equipment (golf clubs, tennis racquet)
18. A personal trainer
19. Cosmetic surgery – nose job, breast augmentation
20. Botox